Electric Research & Management, inc.

Electric and magnetic field experts

We specialize in EMF issues associated with electric power and electric transportation systems.



What we do:

-Electric and magnetic field modeling, analysis

-Electric and magnetic field measurements

-EMF site evaluation

-Shield design, interference solutions, mitigation

-Custom data acquisition, instrumentation

-Real-time GIC monitoring (EPRI SUNBURST)


Who we are:

David W. Fugate, Ph.D., P.E., Electrical Engineering

William L. Jacobs, B.S. Computer Science


Electric Research & Mangement, Inc.

1211 Cornplanter Road

Cabot, PA 16023


To contact us:

Phone: (724) 360-2723

Fax: (724) 360-2726

E-mail: david.fugate@electric-research.com